Aswar Aldirah Electronics Trading LLC, (Dubai trade license number: 522536 and established in November 2000), is a professional company offering ELV solutions in general and specializing in CCTV security surveillance products and security solutions.  It was one of the first companies to be DPS (now SIRA – Security Industry Regulatory Authority) approved companies in the UAE to import CCTV products.

What we offer:

Aswar is a distributor and systems integrator of ELV systems and security solutions in the United Arab Emirates. Aswar supplies and assists systems integrators, as well as offers installation services in the UAE.  Aswar takes pride in having ready-stock, offering world-class technical support, and less than 1% failure rate in our hardware after 2 years of installation.

Moreover, Aswar provide a cloud-based service through Aman Camera in which, the video stream gets received from the video source using direct or indirect connection, it will be recorded in a server with high security options.

The company was founded on a vision to provide environments that are safe and secure. Aswar Aldirah Electronics Trading LLC works inclusively across various sectors and the technology spectrum to provide reliable solutions to today’s pressing security challenges.

Who we serve:

  • Government sector
  • Healthcare/hospitals
  • Airports and transportation infrastructure
  • Prisons
  • Banks
  • Education/schools
  • Retail stores and offices
  • Residential and commercial buildings

Aswar’s portfolio includes projects for all market verticals including government, healthcare, airports, prisons, banks, schools, retail stores, offices, and residential and commercial buildings.

Our team of engineers are well versed in designing and supplying unique security solutions. Our products include IP and AHD cameras (including but not limited to PTZ cameras, bullet cameras, dome cameras, box cameras etc.), Network Video Recorders (NVR’s), Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s) and Cloud-based service solution.

Our commitments:

  • Premium high quality security products – failure rates are lower than 1% after 2 years
  • Customer support – this includes a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support line
  • Quick turnaround – proven track record of punctual delivery, regardless of project size


Aswar Aldirah Electronics Trading LLC aims to become a leading provider of practical, unique, reliable and superior quality security solution products in the UAE with impeccable installation services, as well as offering technical support and local customer service in the UAE.



To ensure consistent and continuing quality as well as to fulfill the need and exceed the satisfaction of our valued customers. Furthermore, our mission is to ensure that assets and human safety are well guarded to a maximum security level through state-of-the-art solutions.

We are dedicated to providing precise and consistent installation services, and we thrive in continuously improving our offerings to uphold the total satisfaction and trust of our clients and partners.



We guarantee that there’s less than 1% failure rate in our hardware after 2 years of installation. Furthermore, we can support repair or replacement within 24 hours.